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no fancy colors_some grey chic




shining mountains

july was about to end-
we spent some days in a cottage-
on the mountain tops.


billy's cafe…

…is always closed.
Only once –
when I passed by in a hurry –
it was open.


where will I be in a couple of months..

Where do you see yourself... Where do you want to be.. Where will you be in 20 years... what would you rather do?? I'm still waiting.

a. wang resort 2014

cool.cooler.alexander wang.
or isn't? pics via refinery collage by me


ekn footwear x Le Berlinois

The Camel Suede Couro Sole Tassle Loafers from Le Berlinois x ekn footwear are the perfect summer shoes for men. These beauties feature a camel suede upper, stitched leather ridge, a couro sole and are handmade in Europe - 100% sweatshop free. The special thing is: you can exchange the tassels and choose to highlight either brown or red or blue colored details within a few hand moves. These unique shoes are available for 189 Euro from now on at our webshop or at Sotostore (sotostore.com). SOTOSTORE_is a menswear store based in Berlin.

new love_maria black

i'm not a jewellerey type, but with this ring I am.
Maria Black


the functional layering

"less is more"
CHLOÈ RESORT 2014 The relaxed, tomboy-ish, beach-y-vibe translated to simple and easy looks. Wide-leg cropped pants, silk blouses, leather tees are MUST HAVES, the colors too. All the layering is an amazing combination, very inspiring for everyone.
ACNE RESORT 2014 swingy shorts meet the white look, lets take a look at the scandinavian coolness. The layering in combination with the colors give the looks volumes. Less is more is a somewhat trite cliché, but in this case it look good at all.
pics via style.com, fashionista _ collage by me


summer finally arrived

Now that we've survived another winter, it's time to make some wardrobe changes — shoes included. Say hello to Cute Espradirille Shoes, these cuties guarantee you'll be strutting around in comfort and you will look seriously good with them.
espadrijl via zalando.it


backpacks are back.

Backpacks are defenitely back; for sure. At the moment they are having their moment in the fashion spotlight. They are really comfty. Backpacks are allrounders, hanging slouchy on our backs or tiny and structured carried on one shoulder. They’re easy to wear, functionally too and can complete any look not only with a casual/sporty outfit. In this case my beloved backpacks are these two on the photograph. The first one I got it from my grandfather. And the second one I've bought in London, at the lovely GoodhoodStore.
As you've probably noticed I've always liked a simple and comfty look. I'm wearing here my beloved vintage trousers , a sweatshirt from kenzo and my beloved old boots.


a london mornin'

yeah, codyjune out and about on empty london streets - because of the marathon - on an early sunday morning, april 2013.





f i v e p i e c e s i n a p r i l

f i v e p i e c e s i n a p r i l
HAY PLISSE A5 - CORAL FADE,BON magazine, deborah coral lipstick, aesop_aromatique hand balm, paperways notebook

grau in grau




eyes on_Loeffler randall

Loeffler Randall is a New York based footwear company known for well-made shoes and a well-made brand identity.
brandidentity by RoandCo Studio ///////////////////////////////// Loeffler Randall