don't mind the future we'll live again

the things in my bag, april 2011

don't mind the future we'll live again / we'll live we'll live we'll live we'll live again / in a time when you want it / it's all it's all it's all in your head / don't mind the future / we'll live we'll live we'll live in your head / in your head, in your head / put your life on a hold / for now, we never get old / try not to / try not to understand it / too young to choose / still want to be a bird, cut loose / the future by van jets


Magnet said...

Aw you have one of the cute looking ipods!


like this.

Jessica said...

cutie kitty!

vintage process said...


paulina said...

like it!!

visit: http://minaartfashion.blogspot.com/

Mina :)

marie hamm. said...

holy moley your blog is so rad!
so designy and interesting!
great work!


C & M said...

I'm glad we have kind of the same things :D A magazine, sunglasses and iPod is always with me as well. Well, actually, it is raining like hell these days in Norway (exept today, it was sunny for the first time in ages) so sunglasses are not my first priority anymore, but i try to use them as often as I can, like today :)
Cute, cute blog :)



ekaterina said...

ahaha nice cat

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