in the alps

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call it what you want

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the rooftop cafè

sometimes a city shows you its most wonderful places.


2009 + 2010 = 4019

various polaroids from some time ago



Your words in my memory are like music to me.




codyjune colaborations, take # 10, 2011 / music: phoenix  rome

it's all happening in roma!



café with invader a roma.


live and laugh all the time

hi guys, how are ya?



lovely berlin, 2011.

„Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du mußt nach Berlin.“ - Franz von Suppé (1819-95)


“People are more important than the clothes. Clothes / it could be just like ...

... a nice envelope. But it’s more important, the letter inside the envelope than the envelope.” — Carine Roitfeld in Mario Sorrenti's shortfilm 'carine's world' for Barneys.


don't mind the future we'll live again

the things in my bag, april 2011

don't mind the future we'll live again / we'll live we'll live we'll live we'll live again / in a time when you want it / it's all it's all it's all in your head / don't mind the future / we'll live we'll live we'll live in your head / in your head, in your head / put your life on a hold / for now, we never get old / try not to / try not to understand it / too young to choose / still want to be a bird, cut loose / the future by van jets


„Es gibt keine Grenzen.
Weder für Gedanken, noch für Gefühle.
Es ist die Angst, die immer Grenzen setzt.“
– Ingmar Bergman


les roses — intangible

Ô musiques des yeux, /
toute entourée d'eux, /
tu deviens au milieu
/ intangible.
- Rilke / Les Roses


no money in our coats

where will it lead us from here?



"I'm afraid to grow up because sometimes it seems like things will never feel this beautiful again." - T.

1 blue spring sky 2 rayban reading glasses on wall 3 sunset in roma 4 macchiato 5 saturday 6 spring 7 lunch 8 diary 9 trainstation 10 wahre kunst 11 rainbow 12 desert 13 choose your language 14 wien ist wo warten noch freude macht 15 cloudy sky 16 you 17 galleria vittoria emanuele II 18 walk 19 morning in vienna 20 ciccio 21 codyjune visitcards 22 muffins for cody 23 codys galloschen 24 noon 25 before school begins 26 festival time 27 popart for dinner 28 milano 29 these shoes are made for walking 30 fünf nach fünf



her fall'11 campaign with Natalia Vodianova, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. source: style.com


patti smith about new york city

TheTalks: When you look back on the New York you knew in the seventies, how does it make you feel looking at what New York is like today?
Patti Smith: It’s shocking, I still can’t believe it. Tom Verlaine and I lived in the East Village, we had a place that cost maybe a hundred dollars a month – six floor walk up with no bathroom – and now that same apartment is like a thousand dollars. Not only did it change aesthetically because they destroyed a lot of places, but the beauty of New York used to be that young people could come from all over with no money, having only creative instincts and get some cheap apartment, get a job at a book store as I did, and build their life. You can’t do that anymore; it’s a completely different economic structure. I mean I look at cafes and there are no people sitting around writing poetry anymore.
- Patti Smith in an interview for the talks / pic source

Thats just the way cities should still be.


this is the coolest

INVIERNO / WINTER 2010-11 - JOINER CREEK by el delgado buil
(content source) ©EL DELGADO BUIL
Anna Figuera Delgado and Macarena Ramos Buil are the founders of the brand el delgado buil.
They opened a store in Barcelona and showed their collections in Barcelona, Lisbon, Mexico and Lithuana.


buon giorno buon giorni

Prêt-à-porter by Steven Meisel

Model: Juliane Grüner. All by Gucci. Hair Guido for Redken. Make-up: Pat McGrath. Fashion editor: Karl Templer. all by vogue.it - Cover of July 2011