when we are around, we are young we are fresh we are the rebel kids who run this town.

//while we were young

It's cold outside. Again. Almost unbelievable how fast a year can pass by.
No more light jackets - time for the faked fur. But there are advantages and beautiful things in fall and winter too, right?
These pictures were taken by me actually two days ago - cody and I strolling around in a park trying to take some lighted up flower-photographs with our cameras - it's Cody in a faked fur coat from paris, underground creepers and grey pants.
And her coat always reminds me of Paris. Bought in a typical parisian Vintage shop. And now again thinking about how fast time is passing. How wonderful would it be to end this year just how it started? - in France, Paris! Somebody taking me to Paris, please?


Jess said...

I fucking love your shoes. I've been searching for the perfect creepers for so long & found them (in the wrong size) those are divine though. Are they new or vintage?

white.n0ise said...

I also love your shoes! <3

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