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Balenciaga S2008RTW
Flower-patterns and bug like formed cutting! This is the Balenciaga collection S2008RTW. Not a new collection, but still one of my favorite ones. The cut, the color, the shoulder line, perfect. And here in this video you can see a piece of this collection worn by Hanne Gaby Odiele! Casual and elegant at the same time.
All the tops have, less or more, the same cut. Some with mininalistic flower patterns, some with extra large flower patterns, as example the second and third one above in the picture collage. And those tops in combination with the long skinny pants are without pattern, just one color. Above in mint green and celeste baby blue. But for this collection I also have to say that I don't like the shoes in combination with the designed clothes. They remind me of a spider or something, or like a backbone or something, and also not my colors. But on the other hand I love the clothes so much that I can apologize and forget the shoes! How great it would look if you wear a top, like above the second one in combination with simple pants and simple / or also not so simple shoes. I like I like!!
pics by style.com


speechless_fashion said...

Love this collection too! I have the third jacket and I can say it's my closet's favorite piece! You're right simple combinations are the best, I wear mine with jeans/jogging pants à la Wang and Converse!
great blog!

Anonymous said...

oh yess, i love this too.
it's the first collection i ever liked :D first love haha :D

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