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Balenciaga F2010RTW
Beginning with Balenciaga. Well, BALENCIAGA. When I hear this word, I know I like it, only by hearing the word. Maybe it's like this: ex. I never would pull out a book of the shelf if I don't like the cover/or the title. And so it may is the same with Balenciaga for me. And the last years, I really always loved Balenciaga.
That collection (F2010RTW) showing here (you have to watch this video!) lets my heart pull faster. I love the materials (plastic usual things) and fabrics chosen (not only) for this collection.
The ruffled white sweater with black collar in combination with these fabulous shoes. (Shoe-details in this post) The collection reminds me a bit of mathematic (geometrical forms) and insulating work. Pale-skin-peach color - I adore. Nothing more to say in words for this collection.
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ak said...

love love all the styling..oversized and bright..its great!


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