5 reasons to want to get this glasses / Karen Walker Eyewear

1 They look crazy and people may think about them "yuk, those horrible glasses, how can she/he wear them?!"

2 When people glance at you and think whatever they think (see no. 1) you can think for yourself "tee-hee, I have this super cool glasses - and you not!"

3 It is much more beautiful to see the world trough may five mm thick glasses-fringe.

4 Because they look: cool, strong, unbreakable, massive, confident - just like yourself should be.

5 Because they are going to feel like home relaxing on my nose and getting a nice suntan.


Celine said...

I don't need any reason :)

They're greeatt


costra y ampolla said...

Karen Walker sunnies are the best ones!! love all their designs!

Follow me but shut up said...

love it!!!

cici said...

*sigh* i would kill for karen walker sunnies

Chip said...

who are they by? they're beautiful

hannah-rose said...

LOVE those glasses. i really, really want a pair myself, so dries van noten!



good reasons. i think they're quirky, cool and unique! by the way, i love your blog and your blog design!

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