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I'm off till august - vacation!


5 reasons to want to get this glasses / Karen Walker Eyewear

1 They look crazy and people may think about them "yuk, those horrible glasses, how can she/he wear them?!"

2 When people glance at you and think whatever they think (see no. 1) you can think for yourself "tee-hee, I have this super cool glasses - and you not!"

3 It is much more beautiful to see the world trough may five mm thick glasses-fringe.

4 Because they look: cool, strong, unbreakable, massive, confident - just like yourself should be.

5 Because they are going to feel like home relaxing on my nose and getting a nice suntan.


east siders in london


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Hermès RTW 2010
About 34°C and more right now, hottest summer ever. So, perfect to think about fall, right?
Hermes collection in black, creme, beige...
Kinda very british - women goes down the street collection. We like!
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time passes too quickly...



it's raining...

rainy day at the beginning of summer '10


happy bday junè

balloons source american apparel
whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.now you are seventeen,
OMG that's hard to believe, yesterday you was a little child, now you are a sweet bitch.
love you honey. baciii.

your honest codì.


favs of the moment

presenting you the italian band 'too young to love'

anna piaggi doing (as always) a perfect job for monthly vogue italy - d.p. (giugno 2010)

▪hermes bringing us our english fall/winter look (FALL 2010 RTW)(here and here) /
and some wonderful acne shoes and clothes we also want to wear this fall/winter (here and here)

▪art - beautiful losers



1 coffee
2 shadow - sun
3 june e cody

I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows. - Andy Warhol

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me shot by cody some days ago.
wearing h&m, vintage.

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Acne Resort 2011
Also a already known collection in the blogger world. It's a elegant-hippie mix, I love the black and brown hats in combination with the long wavy hair. There are short pants, oversized skirts, dresses, comfy looking blazers, long coats and the great looking plateau shoes also in black and brown like the hats. But not to many words for this collection! The pic above says more than thousand words!
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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol

part #3
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Balenciaga S2008RTW
Flower-patterns and bug like formed cutting! This is the Balenciaga collection S2008RTW. Not a new collection, but still one of my favorite ones. The cut, the color, the shoulder line, perfect. And here in this video you can see a piece of this collection worn by Hanne Gaby Odiele! Casual and elegant at the same time.
All the tops have, less or more, the same cut. Some with mininalistic flower patterns, some with extra large flower patterns, as example the second and third one above in the picture collage. And those tops in combination with the long skinny pants are without pattern, just one color. Above in mint green and celeste baby blue. But for this collection I also have to say that I don't like the shoes in combination with the designed clothes. They remind me of a spider or something, or like a backbone or something, and also not my colors. But on the other hand I love the clothes so much that I can apologize and forget the shoes! How great it would look if you wear a top, like above the second one in combination with simple pants and simple / or also not so simple shoes. I like I like!!
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when you're strange

When you're strange - a film about the doors.


Good-Looking! Iris Strubegger in Vogue Italy September 2009
Model: Iris Strubegger
Photo: Glen Luchford
Collage made by me

While ordering all my vogue mags I stumbled over this shots from Glen Luchford, Model; Iris Stubegger.
Scanned it immediately and made a small collage out of it!


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Miu Miu S2010RTW
This Miu Miu collection is well known and may under the best known collections of the blogger world. (We only have to think of the many DIY - tutorials with the famous cat/bird/woman pattern. Miuccia Prada really did a masterwork, I would say. This mix of casual and elegance, day and evening/night! And this is also on of this collection where the hairstyle (and the make-up) and the clothes worked together 100% well. The long braids and the middle parting hair together with the skinny pants with the various patterns and the perfect matching jacket with the same style to the pants. I'm almost unable to find the right words to describe this collection of awesomeness. This is what I need in my closet and as clothes on my body. An now after other, newer collections is making this one past, I still can't look away. Cat/Birds patterns will rule the world!
pics by style.com

Vive la vie

Je marche sur la route.
Je souhaite de la rivière serait l'océan et cet endroit est différent.
Je voudrais pouvoir parler français - I wish I could speach the french language. +

It's me walking down the street.
Stills - video shot by Cody

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Missoni F2009RTW
A by us all well known collection I straight loved from the beginning. Layering look in combination with my favorite colors in combination with gold jewelry - long scarfs and knitter clothes. A hippie life relaxing woman meats elegant strong confident woman collection. Headbands and knitted leggings, light flower dresses and coats with warm and cozy fur scarfs and comfy short skirts over the leggings.
This following collection by Missoni shows us that this look isn't only something for cold fall and winter. Click here and see for yourself.
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Balenciaga F2010RTW
Beginning with Balenciaga. Well, BALENCIAGA. When I hear this word, I know I like it, only by hearing the word. Maybe it's like this: ex. I never would pull out a book of the shelf if I don't like the cover/or the title. And so it may is the same with Balenciaga for me. And the last years, I really always loved Balenciaga.
That collection (F2010RTW) showing here (you have to watch this video!) lets my heart pull faster. I love the materials (plastic usual things) and fabrics chosen (not only) for this collection.
The ruffled white sweater with black collar in combination with these fabulous shoes. (Shoe-details in this post) The collection reminds me a bit of mathematic (geometrical forms) and insulating work. Pale-skin-peach color - I adore. Nothing more to say in words for this collection.
pics by style.com

I never read, I just look at pictures - A. W.

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