trailer - take#8

TRAILER to TAKE#8 on codyjune.com

cut - June
tapes - codyjune
music: run out - memory tapes (seek magic)

© CODYJUNE collaborations

It's a trailer for the upcoming take#8 on codyjune.com made with footage we already had from past times.


t.g.s said...

the music is so nice
i love the bit where you zoom in on the creepers and the part after that when you see the telephone wires and poles

Chip said...

this is pretty cool girls
I love the soundtrack

MARTTA said...

nice! I always love your videos. looking forward to some more.

Lindsey said...

this is awesome... can't wait to see more.
thanks for visiting my blog.

jip said...

you have such nice videos, i'd like to watch the full version

maverick diva said...

great friggin video!!!

love the blog
thanks for the lovely comment.


H. said...

freu mich aufs ganze video..die mucke ist geil!!

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