PARIS, March 4, 2010
Fall 2010 ready to wear

In love with this shoes since I saw them for the first time.
Walking must be much more beautiful on a contemporary piece of art! +


Natalie said...

Definitely works of art. I think walking in them looks torturous, but it would be worth it.

Jessica said...

wow they are amzing !
ps. i edited my post about the dock icons. I put a 'how-to', if you want to take a look :)

sarah said...

mi piaciono tanto!!


Anonymous said...

love how complex and colourful these shoes are

Punctuation Mark said...

very very cool shoes... reinventing traditional styles!

Kaya said...

I agree. It's similar to modern architecture buildings with a classic and origin nucleus (it can sound silly:-)) i like it.

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