vw bus

as sad yesterday "tomorrow back with new pics" today, saturday, on the way to make new pics.
we sad: commonnn we need another location or something.
it ended sitting on the seaside with ice creame and enjoying the nice weather.
but at the way going there we made those few pics. Or rather we had to make some pics there. Because codyjune loves vw-busses.

and yeahh before i forget it; a very long time ago we made something like a Q&A here on codyjune. (when we were in paris in december/January) and another time before. and we also got emails with questions for us you would like to have answered by us two. so, we (what was very very stupidd) never answered those questions.
But we will catch this up the next time.


Celine said...

love that bag so much!


RainCooper said...

I love the bag (and what looks like a tri pod sticking out)

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