true love

Interviewer: What did you miss most about Pete?
(Peter hides under his hat.)
Carl: .. I don't know.. If I'm honest, then I missed having a.. Having a best friend who, for all his foibles, who got me. Because we just share the same dreams, and the same sense of humour, the same irony-
John: The same pants.
Carl: Very good, John. It's just.. You know when you meet someone.. who gets you and you get them. On the deepest level. I mean that. And.. That's something I always missed about Pete.
Interviewer: Pete, what did you miss about Carl?
Carl: Go on, say something funny. Go on.
Pete: I just missed Carl, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

deep deep love between them, it's a nice post.
best wishes, Mark

Iris said...

Ah wonderful - this made me smile. :) Your blog is great.

Anonymous said...

is this from th current nme issue?

Anna said...

real love.

Flora said...

i love them i love them i love them.

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