i saw them. bought them. love them.



leather wedges by carin wester

pics source

platform wedges “Lydia”
please could they be mine.


18:16 pm

la mademoiselle cody today.


the future is now

copyright by codyjune.com
the future is now.
or in short of two years?

vw bus

as sad yesterday "tomorrow back with new pics" today, saturday, on the way to make new pics.
we sad: commonnn we need another location or something.
it ended sitting on the seaside with ice creame and enjoying the nice weather.
but at the way going there we made those few pics. Or rather we had to make some pics there. Because codyjune loves vw-busses.

and yeahh before i forget it; a very long time ago we made something like a Q&A here on codyjune. (when we were in paris in december/January) and another time before. and we also got emails with questions for us you would like to have answered by us two. so, we (what was very very stupidd) never answered those questions.
But we will catch this up the next time.




casa vogue

vogue italia aprile 2010 nr. 716 supplemento (scans by codyjune)
le rêve perdu de
monsieur hulot

at the time we are busy busy busy busy. but we try to don't forget the blog.
dead sure we will be totally back when summer holidays starts.


pointed toe creepers

neeed. all pics via underground co uk


true love

Interviewer: What did you miss most about Pete?
(Peter hides under his hat.)
Carl: .. I don't know.. If I'm honest, then I missed having a.. Having a best friend who, for all his foibles, who got me. Because we just share the same dreams, and the same sense of humour, the same irony-
John: The same pants.
Carl: Very good, John. It's just.. You know when you meet someone.. who gets you and you get them. On the deepest level. I mean that. And.. That's something I always missed about Pete.
Interviewer: Pete, what did you miss about Carl?
Carl: Go on, say something funny. Go on.
Pete: I just missed Carl, to be honest.

louis v.

pure love.


via ffffound



scans by codyjune.
i scanned some old pages from an vintage-mag my grandma gave me.
fall/winter 84/85
fall/winter 86/87
spring/summer 85


bigheads run out of time

this just a little collage joke for here and there.

we will soooon be there more for codyjune. at the moment it's so much to do and so many
projects and things to finish and souu on. pleasee you all, please stay patient with us. x