reading with codyjune - mousse mag issue 22 feb mar '10

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page 137
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page 140/141
page 142/143
page 144/145
page 146/147


being fashion is... said...

owwww, great pics...congra..

thank u for ur comment...


in the Upper East Side said...

your blog is ideal!i follow u!
today i have bought a nice bag!



electric feel said...

congrats! it's great you're back!

Erica said...

congratulations! great blog


The Ugly Doll said...

i've put your link on my blog ;)

Anna-Lena said...

inspirering blog you have here!!really interesting..:o)...nice pics...:o)..wish you a nice weekend!

Monika P. said...


Monika from J'adore Fashion

t.g.s said...

omg i wanna subscribe to this magazine!
sucks they don't have it here in aus :(

kleinetanzfee. said...

ein richtig toller blog. ich werd´nun öfter vorbeischaun :)

Poli said...

it was you, who wrote this article ?) if yes - it's great!! or you just sharing?
(I would be obliged to you, if you can translate my phrases above in italian. coz i'm learning it n now i'm trying to sort out with tenses) =)

great blog!
tnx for stopping at my blog,would be glad to seeyou there again!)))

Devon said...

Great pics! Cool blog too. x

Claire said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Yours is gorgeous, you have some stunning imagery!

Nicole Jarecz said...

following you! xnicole

Katya said...

Your blog is so good!

Allegra said...

great blog!

vivien said...

i dont know why but reading ur blog makes me think of summer..

Andie said...

rad blog!


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