all that she wants. paris.

scans by me.

please please please i wish we would still be in paris.



her.barium // luisa l. said...

i'm jealous.

Flora said...

you'll go back someday. (:
these scans are really cool though.

cat said...

i never been there but wanna gooo ...great!
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Nate Crime said...

paris is the most beautiful city in the world !
i'm going to paris this week end, for the sales. damn sure i will enjoy it !

Annabelle (408) said...

i have a collection of stuff like this from when i went, i even made a dress of my own scans from paris for a fashion project like 2 years ago.

bet you loved it, im going this feb hopefully with my boy!


Susan said...


vio said...

Sehr geil gemacht!

jennifer said...

aaaah no, now I'm missing paris even more than I told you guys in your latest post..

Dahir Sunat said...

J'adore Paris, J'adore Dior et.

Natascha said...

hallo ihr beiden; ich hab einen satz oben benutzt und euch verlinkt, mal wieder. :)


ginandmilkthings said...

Beautiful collage, so paris like. How did you make it?

Follow your blog all the time for great reflections and pictures!



p.s moved my previous blog to wordpress, blogspot was not my thing...

Faridah said...

wow wow wow I love this!!!

filth + twee said...

a thousand thank yous for the comment, otherwise I would've never been able to find your blog (which I am now adding to my stalker list) I love it! you've definitely sparked my wanderlust with the last brilliant images!

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