Paris was awesome. Awesome. Maybe the best trip I've (or I and cody have) ever made. I wish I would still be there, in the middle of this awesome, magnifique city. I generally love cities. Maybe because I wish and always wished I had had the change to grow up in one, or to live in one. But I had not. And maybe, If i think about it, I wouldn't feel like this, I wouldn't be so lucky to visit great cities if I really grew up in one or If I would live in one. And now this a thrill of anticipation wouldn't be so big, on day hopefully living in an awesome city. Like Paris, London or NYC. I love those cities. I donno which city i love more, I really donno. But those cities are magical for me. Metropolitan cities, they have something special, something great, something fantastic. Maybe I love them so much because there are so many, uncountable people, stylish people, great people. People tha same like me but coincident so different. Maybe it is all the lifestyle, maybe because there are endless opportunities. Endless things you can do, Endless. Because it's not that boring like it is here. However.
Paris, as I sad, was awesome. All the small vintage shops, the stunning galeries lafayette... (btw thx for all your tips and suggestions, thx). All those fantastic big r small restaurants, the air is full of art, fantastic. And the feeling you have, if you're right in the middle of it, it's like you're in love. Please let us have the change to make another trip to paris. Please. I fell in love with this city. J' ♥ Paris. june


Laura Manon Sophia said...

paris is no city, it's a feeling!

Katya said...

Paris is very beautiful city and France at all too!

cici said...

wow, very lucky to have gone there.i hope to go there one day.
i also love cities, <3

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