things you've done in 2009

Bought something you didn’t need.
Became obsessed with a song no one knew.
Knitted something.
Said, “like yeahh” too many times.
Did something you said you wouldn’t.
Created a blog.
Realized who you truly are.
Found a new band you now love.
Got drunk.
Got high.
Had sex.
Spent time with your family.
Got into a fight with someone you loved.
Drunk too much coffee.
Bad films.
Good music.
"The sounds" live concert with june.
Said gosh all the time.
Ate dinner alone.
Made a snowman.
Cried in the shower.
Got a mac.
Made my own story.
Waved at people you didn’t know in passing cars.
Given names at people you didnt know in passing cars.
Changed your entire look.
Laughed at something that made no sense.



clo said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
That paragraph is really great!! I loved it!!
Definitly ill come back!!!

swans horses and wolves said...

i really like your blog! it's very nice to read and to watch the pictures

Naomi said...


Naomi said...

i mean
the blog
not only this post hahah

AlbaVanderWoodsen said...

thank you for the comment :)
sorry i don´t speak english very well... :s
Will e fin dal limite di giorno sull'adempimento di tau di blog.

Miguel said...

love this blog :O i will follow u!
xxxx from spain ;)

Ash Fox said...

awesome. i can relate to many of the items. xo happy holidays!

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