happy, happy fashion - there isn't much more to it than that. Marc Jacobs


#this it's a great outfit, isn't it??




Lara Natascha said...

mir gefält euer blog wirklich gut und ich find euer layout super.
musste ja auch mal gesgat werden nech? :D

her.barium // luisa l. said...

this outfit is ART.

Flora said...

i want those jeans! i mean, i'm not usually one for industrially slashed up denim (i prefer doing the honours myself) but these are amazing..

i wouldn't have minded snow as much had i still been able to wear nice clothes, it's really shallow but it's true. but then i end up being a bundle of scarves, jumpers and coats and it's just not pleasant haha. although it is very christmasy, i must admit.
london is truly a dream though yes, in every respect. (:

Camilla said...

That outfit is my life.
:) xxx


Kathy said...

love that pair of booties, they are amazing!

amalie said...

Oh yeah - I could easily own this . (gimmee!!)

Every Little Counts said...

love that top and the shoes are just insane.

Raez said...

love this! i think the boots are the perfect touch;)

are you and julie from rome?
i'm going to rome sometime in march for a school trip and i'm just wondering;)

xx raez

le pearl said...

It is borderline perfect <3

John Malvin said...

The shirt is really great. You can even wear them with slashed leggings instead of jeans. Really great outfit.

lucie said...

i love this shirt!!and these boots are definitly amazing!!

cat said...

wow snow in italia?? cool outfit!! thanxx for the visit! you are welcome back! xx cat
CiTiEs of B

S and O said...

oh I adooore those shredded jeans so much!!!
and those rings have me drooling!

Katya said...

The shirt is pretty.

Susan said...

gorgeous pieces.

'Lee said...

once again, what a beauutttt.

Theory of a fashion victim

ARK LIN said...

hey cody!

thanks for the comment on my blog. i love this combined outfit esbecially the shirt, what a creature. anyway, thanks again and merry christmas :)

dory said...

Ésos botines son... uuffff!!!!

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