golden casio watch grey ysl sweater fringe vest lewis shorts white balenciaga studded sandals red nail polish blue skirt with white stars ray ban clubmaster red lipstick peafowl earrings

fantastic collages via ellenh.

need golden casio and grey ysl sweater.



Dolly Daydream said...

I love this collage like most of the clothes in there.
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Marine said...

this collages are awesoooome. I love the watch =)

Merry Xmas ! <3

Nara said...

I also need golden casio! :D Nice collage! :D x.o.x.o

Birgit said...

WAAAAUW I love this collage! soo beautiful. really great. Your blog is great too btw. I hope you have a great christmas time !

xx Birgit

fashion doll said...

oh my god this blogs greta im going to suscribe now
comment back

Jess said...

my eyes don't even know what to look at - so much awesomeness in this collage! that leopard ring is TOO dope

Amber said...

Love it!!!!
xoxo amber

dory said...

Una selección preciosa!!!^^

Flora said...

this is gorgeous, i want all of it haha.
merry christmas. (:

grace said...

need it too!

Katya said...

nice collage

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