cody and myself.
i had to reblogg this. this was may 2008, where it all started with codyjune. at the bus terminal.



Susan said...

love those sunnies.

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures !:) I love your shirt !

Katie said...

wow sweet pictures! how did you do that??


Colaço said...

so funny guys, love it

le pearl said...

Wow June you look mega different!

Stricksogge said...

Oh Gott, bloß nicht, das wäre ja schrecklich^^

cici said...

woah, you look extremely different.

Marine said...

these pictures are cool =)
I'm lovin' your glasses !

I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog : it made me discover yours. and it's truly AMAZING.
I love everything. And I must say I'm impressed by the way you pull it together. It looks really neat !

congrats for this awesome blog girls !

Chip said...

o how times have changed

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