ginger in london waterloo

all this awesome shots via halfofyou.

Well, I made promises and I broke them.
And second chances, well, I smoked them.
And all those songs that I sung,
well, now I know they were wrong.
And now I’m taking them all back.
Well, I’m taking them all back.



♥ Lana said...

Die Bilder sind extrem toll (:

Katya said...

BLACK is always GREAT and Dr. Martens are for all times!

the gorgeous said...

Gorgeous pics.. I love the contrast of black with red hair!

Gegenstück said...

oh I like red-hair-boys ;)

chloe said...

cooool hairrrr!..
i went through an orange-hair phase and its so fun! cute boy too :p

Susan said...

wow! :)

Suzanne Moss said...

well,...im in love.

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