what do you think about these covers for our magazine..i have made these today..▲▲
awww..this day is absolutly a hard working day..at school at home...never finished..there are so a lot of things to do!! that sucks..but i think when you doesn't work..you can't live your dreams!! and thats no way for me. i'm so exiting about tomorrow..i'm going to the cinema..with my friends..that's will be a lot of fun!! i need this..because lately i haven't time to relaxing. xx



sue said...

great designs for the cover
and know what you mean about being busy - had a hectic week too

Susan said...

wow, great!

Anonymous said...

number 2!

yiqin; said...

Ah the second photo is hot.

Gegenstück said...

Ich kann mich zwischen Nr 1 & 2 nicht entscheiden, aber ich glaube ich würde Nr 1 sagen, aber dann vielleicht ein bisschen schärfer?
Sonst super Arbeit und viel Spass morgen im Kino

SophieGrace said...

They are really good
Totally agreed about hetic week!

Anonymous said...

LOVE both these covers, especially the abstractness of the first one.

Yofany said...

nice post!


Antoine Nicol said...

i really love the first !

Style Bird said...

Both covers are perfect.

louiseclara said...

second one. definately. but try your self out and play a bit more with the header. you could write in white. without the white area. the picture is great. it opens questions you could answear in the inside of the magazine. so thats my opinion about it. hope it inspires you in one kind of way. or another. bye

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