realize the summer is gone

all by suzy.

So, guys. I don't really know if i miss the summer. Sometimes maybe. Tomorrow is the 1st dec, unbelievable how damn fast time goes by. And how damn fast it all will going on.

Yesterday we finally went watching new moon, after school we stressfullll went to the cinema, and what the fuck, all seats were occupied so we had to wait for 2 or one n a half hour, we bought xl popcorn, what was fucking tooo much. My lips, they bite even today. But actually it was a real fun day, may a bit to busy at all, even if the movie was not the best.

x, june


daisychain said...

I miss the Summer so much, it is truly frightening how fast this year has flown by.
Gorgeous photos.

Irmina said...

I love this photos!! kisses!

ediot said...

im really sad that its gonna be such a long time until i can get a tan. thats what i miss much about summer. that and the warmth. hate feeling white as a ghost and having dry skin. well well..
have a great sunday dear.
xx ediot

Sophie Carmo said...

I love New Moon, I love the books, I am getting cautch...It is very nice and lovely!Muakssss

Anonymous said...

i like reading your random thoughts. i like codyjune life.


frances said...

winter is depressing me, muchos.
loving that second image, x


I miss summer, I hate being cold and all. I still have to watch New Moon. Very curious about it.

a. said...

aww, das erste bild ist so toll.

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