/photo by ilze vanaga

want this jacket (:

love CODY


Tiana said...

the jacket is pretty amazing. love the way the picture captures her vulnerability.

Valentine said...

thanks for the comment and i heart your blog too! im not a big fan of fur.. but i absolutely love her expression.. its like in between passiveness and melancholy. quite lovely.


Noshabelle said...

Oh my, I so want it too!

Thanks for your very sweet comment - your blog's great too.

JULIA said...

your photo choices are amazing... this one in particular.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

this photo is amazing!!!!
love the fur coat!!

thanks for your comment sweetie

Natalie said...

LOVVEE this pic. her coat is fantastic! such a raw pretty photo :)



beckyxoxo said...

how amazing that coat is ! super love ! thanks for sharing dear . have a nice weekend :)

MELINA said...

ich glaube beu mir wird es dieses jahr nichts mehr mit fake fur...

a. said...

ohja cody, das gleiche habe ich auch gerade gedacht.

*Coco said...

the foto is wonderfl.
love your blog so much, it#s so much inspiration for me.
yours *coco

- www.milchwolke.blogspot.com -

Ingrid. said...

Beautiful, i love fur coats!

Veronicahhh said...

fur coat=decadence
great photo

Raez said...

wow, she looks so comfy! i love this coat too:)

xx raez

kyra zoe said...

denken wir uns das nicht alle
ich hab mich schon eingedeckt
mit fake fur
aber es wird sicherlich noch mehr

ich dachte irgendwie ihr seit italiener..
seit ihr nicht.

schönes wochenende noch
liebe grüße

kyra zoe said...

ich weiß auch wieso
wegen dem i'm from italy

kyra zoe said...

i'm confused

Ida said...

I've realized that I need a fur coat! Gorgeous!


ALB said...

Fucking fabulous.

le pearl said...

Oh my... there is a similar jacket at a local vintage store for $20~!!!

I am contemplating getting it today

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