so hey guys.
what could or should I tell you now?
Cody and I talked about art today. About life, about money, about facebook, about chanel, about movies, about the window dummies in the window of the emporio armani shop. About music, about travelling, about macs, about blogger, about tumblr, about fucked towns, about loafers, about chanel nail polish, about cheap and expensive nail polish, about codyjune. Yeeeehs, we talked about codyjune, and hey, we sad that we have to become more personal. If you like it or not. If you don't like it or if. If you will read it or not. We thought about making a blog-question hour or something like this, because specially in the last time we're getting in so many mails with questions of you all (and kisses and hugs to all of you, readers, thank you!), like; where do you both come from? or tell me more about the codyjune-life. So we sad yes, let us make a q&a post in tha next time. So, hope you will like that. And we talked about art. And hey, we noticed somethink really cool: The girl form the flora by gucci ad really looks like the girl at the right side on boticellis "la nascita di venere". Take a look for yourself. Or here, also like this painting: "la primavera". And the evidence here: + "Chloris (Nymph) Chloris was a Nymph associated with spring, flowers and new growth. Her Roman equivalent was the goddess Flora. She was abducted by (and later married) Zephyr, the god of the west wind."
i love the modernity.
modern art
modern architekture
modern love
r vintage of course
modern freedom
modern life
modern london
modern loft
modernity. i have all the renaisance art.
but the girl from the gucci ad looks like this women on the right side of botticellis la primavera
u got it xD
and it's true. her name really is flora!!
for real.

So, have to stop about thiiis now, I'm sure you're all not that interested in art-history.
And ohh yes, we talkes about pop art. Andy Warhole r Robert Rauschenberg theee kings of pop art.
Saturday s to watch 'new moon'. Today in tv I saw something like a documentary about forks. and they sad that rob and kristen &co. that they all never were in forks. that's sad I think isn't it? But anyway...
Chanel Nail polish... Cody bought one today (like to see in previously post) and I really have to say and talk also for cody now; a nail polish of awesomeness. really. I will have the blue satin r some grape color...

x, june

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