there is a place in the heart that...

will never be filled
a space


and even during the
best moments
the greatest times
we will know it

greetz cody


michelle_ said...

thanks for the blog visit dear :)
i love the way you edit those photos into a vitage style.. i love the vintage polaroids on the influence section as well :)

keep blogging !

konshonchloe said...

hello sooo cool bloggg, i love too much the pic of here!!!

Thea said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I really like the blogging you guys are doing.
Love the pictures.
- Thea

Isabella said...

Your blog is really cool :) Love the pictures and the layout.
It must be great to live in italy (well, i haven't watched videocrazy yet) :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is simply amazing!So inspiring!It is exactly how I would have a blog if I was more serious about it. And I really love the Libertines, their lyrics, their genuine songs and how they can find inspiration even in the darkest of British every day life. Happy to find more Libertines lovers!

Your blog is really cool, btw Love Alexa as well. Just a question: how do you get the layout so wide? so you can fit large pictures? It makes it so much better than a blog crammed with small photos. Photos are so a blog's soul really.

Ale. said...

I hadn't check out your blog in a while, it's just amazing and inspirational!

I love Polaroids!


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