PERMANENT VACATION, a brand from sweden

photographed by Jenny Groth
stylist_ Jennie Bramer
models_ Magnus A and Therese Z.
you can buy this things on permanentvacation.se



lisa + cathy said...

these photo shoots are so sweet!
and the dresses are pretty and vintage like
i also do my blog with my best friend lisa let your bright eyes sight on it yeah? hopefully we can be friends as well (:

Ima said...

those pictures are so romantic <3
by the way, thank you for your comment on mine :)

Ediot said...

i love these clothes- its a great brand such bohemian light clothes

thatsorad said...

Such a cool collection! Thanks for sharing!!! her dresses are so rad!

Susan said...

lovely photos!

Helen said...

that red dress looks so lovely

Patty Ann said...

ooo it looks very bohemian, i'm going to check 'em out now!! xx


jameson ruth said...

these pictures make me want a man, damnit!

Sushi said...

Oh my I love these photos! Checking out their site now x Sushi

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