never ending...**

in a couple of days, more 9 days starts the school again!!we get new teacher and new classmates..very exciting. but there is a problem..i will buy a new bag..but i didn't know which one..!!
has one an idea??
need your help!
maybe a freitag..but i have one!!



Shine said...

thanks ;))
xoxo :*

Antoine Nicol said...

thank you for your comment. Your blog is great too. I like it.
Kisses and hugs

le monde de skadiida said...

i love freitag bags :D
but maybe buy a gola? or a big adidas? (:

and thank you for your comment :D dein blog ist
auch sehr toll und gute musik hörst du ;D

elin said...

omg, you start so late! we started two weeks ago

Sharlo said...

wat???? i started 2 weeks ago -.-
i don't like freitags. i used to. they look weird to me now

Shared closet said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO school noooooooo!!!!! :( haha
mmm... I have the same problem! The last year I used bags ( I mean.... the same for the street) But this is not good for my back :S
so this year I must use a SATCHEL (=a school bag) so, I am going to buy a simple bag (with only one colour for example) and then personalize it!! :) with tack, painting it... haha It will be so funy! ;)

Denise said...

oohhh get those big big ones, where you can put anything and everything.

Kathy said...

aghh i start the 9th of september and i don't want to!

Molly Rose said...

I just started monday... had the same bag dilemma as you!

yiqin; said...

I am having my hols :D Gonna dread it when school starts ><

STEFANIE said...

I love my Jas M.B. bag, it's the best! :)

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! There are sooo many FAB Bags to choose from, I'm solely sure YOUR PICK will be the COOLEST and THE MOST FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE ONE!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bürokofferle wäre nett ;)

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