edie sedgwick part 1

Here some very inspiring pictures (factory girl) edie sedgwick; the famous muse of andy warhol, it's a so buoyant but coevally a very sad story. /////
//and take a look at this awesome video of edie and bob dylan///
“Whatever happened to Edie Sedgwick? Edie Sedgwick the 1965 girl. After Baby Jane Holzer and before Viva, Youthquaker! Superstar! The girl Andy Warhol was never without. The one with great brown liquid eyes who silvered her hair to match his and flickered through half his movies and went to all the good parties with him. It was Viva, this moment’s Warhol superstar who mentioned that Edie was ‘in the hospital,’ and had been for a long time. Viva said that she had visited her there […] Viva identified ‘there’ as Gracie Square Hospital.”
– Helen Dudar: New York Post, 2. Mai 1968 ///

upcoming part 2 and part 3.



Emmy said...

i haven't seen factory girl, but i think i'll have to soon! edie is sooooo fabulous, it's a shame what happened to her.

Susan said...

what a great post!

Miss said...

tha t video really makes me want to see factory girl!
Hayden looks really like bob dylan i those raybans!

ariel romano said...

i love that movie

Marsey said...

Factory Girls is the shit. !!! Sienna MIller is gorgeous and hayden christensen is so hot.. they make an amazing acting pair

thatsorad said...

It is so gnarly and such a sad sad story. She is so awesome, it is the flowers that grow higher in the feld that get dammaged the most.

loft in soho said...

I looooooooooooooooove that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terry said...

Lovely video :)
I´m gonna watch that movie as soon as I can!
Great post!


Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

Edie was the one and only it girl..

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elin said...

Oh i really like that movie!

Ness said...

nice pics realy inspiring, i lovr the third photo

Panda said...

I LOVE factory girl. It's, like the best film ever! She is such a gorgeous girl, and her unique sense of style is really inspiring. Oh and thank you so much for you lovely comment on my blog!

Panda xx

Denise said...

hers is a tragic life.

i love her. What a waste. One thing good though from dying young, is she stayed pretty forever.

little shadow said...

SUCH a good movie.
And I love how you've included the subtitles, it really adds to the pictures.

Petite Esthète said...

can i just say that hayden christensen made a dammmn fine dylan :P


* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Great post, I havent seen Factory Girl but I'm dying to now!

Annabelle (408) said...

awhh amazing film, so deep. x

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