////i feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.
and i fucking hate this feeling!///

a big fat cat,
in a cool london flat,
living our live,
trouble beside,
red colored nails,
and we in the middle-
guitar playing,
long haired boys-
luckily laughing!

where are the long haired guitar playing boys?

///pictures via cuteboypsycho///




thatsorad said...

DUUUUUDE ! I know what you mean. Cool pics!

Vanessa said...

these photos are gorgeous, i love how you can't see any of the girls faces.


Hello Code!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!
I do love the shots, it´s so amazing!
The first shot is fantastic!

Many kisses and hugs from Brazil,

see you!


anna said...

jaaa, der xxl pulli ist von H&M :)

noura. said...

Beautiful pictures.

Golden Girl Olive said...

Thanks for reading! :)

All gorgeous pictures, but that 5th one down is my favorite.



Sophie Carmo said...

Lovely photos!I like it!Muaksss

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Looking at these pictures made me miss something so much!! I love the song on your blog! xxoxoxo

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...


Love the song too!!!

milo said...

WOW, I TOTALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG, everything, the photos are amazing, like dreams, the music!!! You are a new favourite!!!


Penny Lane said...

these pics are just amazing! i love them all
you have a nice blog here!

PL ♥

ak said...

totally feel ya...and its the most uneasy feeling..but cool pics

frances said...

these photos make me want a new cameraaa, i love them all x

Flashes of Style said...

Aaah I love all of these photos! The lighting is so pretty in all of them.

Smelly Cat said...

these are stunning pictures

SNVS said...

Your blog is super rad! So dreamy and calm.

Thanks for your comment xoxo

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

"where are the long haired guitar playing boys?" - I'd like to know the answer to that question too, haha.

Love all the images you've selected for this post.


Stacy said...

i love that girl's red hair and those blue tights - great pictures


clash of cooper said...

Ahhh I can totally relate,,and I am nineteeeen.
god life goes so fast. Pretty sure I was supposed to be in New York by now :P


Raez said...

loving all the pretty pics, especially the last one! so haunting:)

xx raez

Miriam said...

lovely photos


i'm in love with these photographs

Anonymous said...

Beautyful pics!Interesting post!!xo

RAWR said...

Aww, thank you, darlin'
You got some great shit going on 2! Loves it!
Congratz with your new reader.

Tanja said...

alles klar - dankeschön (:
im prinzip is es auch egal, weil ich sowieso nie so viel leser bekommen werd :D hat mich aber nur interessiert (:
liebste grüße!

Susan said...

what a post!

Iris said...

i came on your blog and i became so happy because i heard boys don't cry! One of my fav songs, haha!

beautiful pics by the way!

lydia said...

freaking amazing photos.

Dream Sequins said...

those photos are amazing and beautiful.

thanks for your visit BTW :) I'll be back!!

Elaine said...

Great pictures! They're so inspiring!

Sarra R. said...

das erste bild zeigt im hintergrund basel! meine stadt!!! ach wie schön!!!!
toller blog!

frida said...

love them all

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