Laura non c'è è andata via laura non è più cosa mia

e te che sei qua e mi chiedi perché

youtube/ ffffound.com



Lauren said...

Good photos!

x x x

teenagerherz said...

ich liebe das letzte foto mit der Zigarette!
Und der Song ist auch großartig, lässt mich immer wieder an diverse Roadtrips denken, das läuft bei uns so oft im Radio ♥


Anonymous said...

das erste bild ist wunderbar!

céline said...

die bilder sind toll und der text...so wahr... hoffnung <3

Susan said...

great inspiration!

Laura Cocker said...

I love this song, specially because It was the first song I heard that contained my name!
And I love the text, or the conclusion, or whatever you call it, from where is it?
Take care! ;) xx

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wow, those two photos stunning and surreal!

Style Porn said...

Great pictures! I'd love to know where you found them, so I would tell you to head on over to my blog and enter the contest by submitting all of your photo inspiration sources but alas you don't live in the US and the contest is only open to US residents. Bother!

Lovely blog though. Thanks for visiting mine. I'll be back!

nevin said...

I love the first images.. Beautiful..

Anonymous said...

i love pictures that can hold so many meanings...and the quote about makes me happy!

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