i have nothing to say & i am saying it

& that is poetry as i need it(john cage)




SpiegelEule said...

nice inspo!

Anonymous said...

Guns and furry hats...crazy.I mean that as a compliment. I think crazy is a complment, unusual behaviour evokes the feel of the 60s my favourite era ever, when doing crazy things was envied, not just the teen rituals of drinking smoking and sex.
Also the Starbucks is cool.
Thanks for the comment.

Sang said...

haha i love this post:]for some reason
btw, thanx for the lovely comment
and whenever i come to this blog,
those polaroid pics on the side blow me away.
keep up the nice photos!

elin said...

gah. starbucks <3 I can't wait until I'm going to the states in the winter!

Caroline said...

I like the old film look that your blog oozes with! And this is a prime example.

PS. From your comment, I was expecting a guy's blog. Boy, was a wrong! ;)

Thanks for visiting LuckyUmbrella.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

ur blog is fucking kewl.

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