come on i don't need money honey...

...but could you stil advance me some money to buy some essential things?

1st Outfit CODY
CHRISTOPHER KANE Mandrill jersey T-shirt €258.56
MISSONI Cashmere thigh-high legwarmers €277.04
TABITHA SIMMONS Suede and leather ankle boots €1,375
CHANEL small bag black
HENRIK VIBSKOV knit and fabric big coat €313.00

2nd Outfit JUNE
HENRIK VIBSKOV pillow jacket €275.00
MISSONI Rib-knit wool-blend snood €166.22
MISSONI Metallic knitted thigh-high legwarmers €233.95
HENRIK VIBSKOV raglan t-shirt €52.50
CHANEL small bag nude-creme-orange
ALEXANDER WANG Jaime Creeper leather boots €615.65

~3567,92€ honey?


- net-a-porter.com


puenktchen said...

a bit expensive but nice ;)
and i love the play list on the left side!!

beckyxoxo said...

great outfits ! wish i had money too . x)

Fipe said...

yeah i want everything!

Nici said...

david bowie has been my favourite artist ever since!
he's a genious.

wonderful blog!

Sylvia said...

You guys have such a cool blog! That first jacket is pretty awesome and I would love to see how the second outfit looks on.

Natalie said...

I love the Missoni thigh high leggings! so cute!! i would love to have those in my wardrobe!



Claudia said...

i love all these clothes!!!


Loveee this Outfits !

xx visit my blog

Dani said...

love the alexander wang booties!


Stain On My Red Shoes said...

yes...yes...those items are essential! i would love to have them all :)

myrrh goldframe said...

i'm loving your both outfit set choice.. those are very cool stuffs!!

Lost In Fashion said...

Die schwarze Jacke in der Mitte ist ganz toll.
Und was für Leggings (links) sind das genau??

Miriam said...

cravings xxx10000

xx take care honey

Yuka said...

love the kane tee and wang boots. ahhh i die!

MARISA said...

this collage may drive me to shopbob to make bad decisions haha...seriously tho.

great picks...love the wang bootaysss


Anthem said...

LOVE everything about your blog. Please check mine out :)


c h a r l o tt e said...

i'm a huge fan of the Christopher Kane t shirt :)
if only my budget stretched that far!

nice blog :)

charlotte x

June Paski said...

julia is cool name too
my bestfriend name is julia :)

i love christoper kane tee, i want it so much
but the price is make me broke >.<


a. said...

i totally love the henrik vibskov jackets and the whole missoni stuff. sooo good.

linaa, said...

omg that was so nice of you to comment and read my blog! (:
I really like your blog and wow i love that christopher kane tee like basically everybody else who commnted before me!
keep blogginggg!!!! I WANNA FOLLOW YOU! so i will when my computer stops having weird freezes for no reason

smokylash said...

Hee , i love your selection !
This christopher Kane T-shirt is so beautiful !

Thank u for your comment !

You are in my bloglovin nd i follow u !

Imogen said...

Wow expensive, but very stylish.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the plilow coat, && those thigh-high leg warmers are super cool.

Jessica said...

Ugh, I've been dying for one of those Christopher Kane shirts foreverrrrrr. I've seen a few on sale for around 300USD.


jameson ruth said...

gahhh those outfits are killer!

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