cinquemilla lire


F45 LOIS, 150€
FREITAG, a swiss brand.

///I want to spent my life with a bag like u,
If you want me too,
till the time has come,
that me might live as one,
can I dance with you?
I tell by the way you look,
that you so real fine,
and by the way you talk,
that you just my kind,
bag why should it be,
that you don't notice me?
Can I dance with you?
Baby is there no change,
that I can take you for the last dance?


pic - freitag.ch


Julia said...

great colour! This blog is really cool.

Clara said...

hey! great blog.
I will visit you often.


Grace said...

This post made me smile!

Love Grace.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

thank you june (: by the way i heart that quilted bag!

Anonymous said...

At this time, it was a dream, now it is reality=) by mmmmmmmmmmorrrnsohn

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