vive la vie

buona sera guys.
can't wait. can't wait for fall. can't wait for the knit-jacket my granny is going to make for me. can't wait for next summer. can't wait for inter rail trip. can't wait for london. can't wait.

1 Beyond Retro, Current/Elliott, Topshop
2 Rokit, Adidas

When the time has come I have to show you all my own bike, it looks like this in picture n°1 only in light rose and a bit rusty. Whatever, I love my rusty, nude bike.
ps: some brandnew pics of me and cody tomorrow. Be agog.



Nirvana - Polly (Unplugged)

Polly wants a cracker.
Think I should get off her first.
I think she wants some water.
To put out the blow torch.


//Black like a bird. Black like a skirt.
Black like a himney sweep. Black like a sheep.
Black like a nameless color. Black like a dollar.
Black like a dog. Black like a knop.
Black like a fur jacket. Black like a racket.
Black like coffee. Black like brown toffee.
Black like a cloudy sky. Black like a bird fly.


pic - ffffound.com


daydreams and marie claire september issue


Damn hot but fucking great day today.
Here some pics we made today, check it out, hope you like it.






cinquemilla lire


F45 LOIS, 150€
FREITAG, a swiss brand.

///I want to spent my life with a bag like u,
If you want me too,
till the time has come,
that me might live as one,
can I dance with you?
I tell by the way you look,
that you so real fine,
and by the way you talk,
that you just my kind,
bag why should it be,
that you don't notice me?
Can I dance with you?
Baby is there no change,
that I can take you for the last dance?


pic - freitag.ch



///my favorite olsen styles.///olsenfiles

A sequined coat, flashy twinkling, with a simple black skinny and black covered boots,
a breezy straw hat, a unit sub rosa knitwear scarf, under that all a black outwashed hooded jumper. In the left hand the tickets, full overloaded fingers, vintage rings mashed with expencive jewelery gold rings, bullion rings; one big bag, brown leather, a smaller black bag.

Bun, golden blond hair, a long hippie lookalike dress, down the floor, big golden wedges, looks heavy but so damn good, john lennon glasses, feather boa and water in the right hand.

Open hair, oversized simple white fan shir, black patterned skirt round the hip, shorts in black, and a big studded leather bag in black, gladiators. Black glasses, golden rings.

Wonderful black glasses, a black and very simple dress with blackness leggins, and black man shoes. Two hot take-away coffees in both hands. Arround the body a damn big, fucking great croc or snake bag.

Phone and drink in one hand, oversized brown, awesome knitwear jerkin. A simple black tee under that. Black jeggins, and sportshoes. Joga done. A black, white patterned hippie bag. John Lennon glasses, blue.

All in black. A long black and warm coat. Alexander wang croco minnie duffle, black boots and pants, great black boots, and a grey-black scarf. John Lennon glasses as ever. Big golden rings.

i have nothing to say & i am saying it

& that is poetry as i need it(john cage)




I kindly get the thinking ...

... of all the things you said

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes

Well, love is all around me, and so the feeling grows

It's written on the wind it's everywhere I go

So if you really love me come on and let it show

You know I love you, I always will

My mind's made up by the way that I feel

There's no beginning, there'll be no end

Cause on my love you can depend

I see your face before me as I lay on my bed

You know I love you, I always will

Coz on my love you can depend

It's written on the wind it's everywhere I go

So if you really love me come on and let it show

Come on and let it show Come on and let it show

pic - ffffound.com


I don't know what to do now, so I'm reading vogue until christmas is there.


come on i don't need money honey...

...but could you stil advance me some money to buy some essential things?

1st Outfit CODY
CHRISTOPHER KANE Mandrill jersey T-shirt €258.56
MISSONI Cashmere thigh-high legwarmers €277.04
TABITHA SIMMONS Suede and leather ankle boots €1,375
CHANEL small bag black
HENRIK VIBSKOV knit and fabric big coat €313.00

2nd Outfit JUNE
HENRIK VIBSKOV pillow jacket €275.00
MISSONI Rib-knit wool-blend snood €166.22
MISSONI Metallic knitted thigh-high legwarmers €233.95
HENRIK VIBSKOV raglan t-shirt €52.50
CHANEL small bag nude-creme-orange
ALEXANDER WANG Jaime Creeper leather boots €615.65

~3567,92€ honey?


- net-a-porter.com

drugs and rock'n roll**

I'm back...i feel me a little bit better, but not very well.




cody darling hope you're soon better and back on post. xx




smell the fall, catch it up, without dwell on thoughts serendipity...

...and one day you will wake up and fall is there...

pic search//ffffound/tFs/zimtundzucker/

Inside we are drinking coffee,
while you outside eat a toffee,
you vested with a big fake fur,
we in dishabille white or transparent stuff,
hippies sitting in the greenery,
trees decidual there fur,
feather evereywhere, knitwear,
you look up in the cloudy sky,
and think oh my, that's what they call the fall...



I think this hairstyle looks so stunning...check it out!