summer days and peace

1. INTERVIEW (in german)

2. Yesterday Cody and I spoke about our blog known as codyjune.blogspot.com We have pictures (what's good) but we don't have so much written things, called text (what's bad). So we sad: It's easy, we have to write more. Than came up another question: What should we write about? What says more than thousand words? Pictures! Or not! At the end we came to the decision that I write these lines, about whatever. I could write about the time in riva this summer. It was awesome there. Cody, I and some friends. All we need to have fun...
This week cody and I went in a store to buy a b-day present for mors and we came out from the store with two big canvas things.. to paint on, but fur us.
With blue-white plastic bags with the mega biiiig pictures in we went to the
streets, it wasn't more funny than ridiculous. Okay, that's not funny. Next week I make CJCt#3 (#1, #2)
I'm not home next week, so I don't know if I can post something. But the fabulous Cody is there!

3. Phoenix - Summer Days
Bob Dylan- Summer Days 11/11/2002

4. So, happy new year (nouuu, that was a joooke, hahaha) I'm so funny.