the apollo program was a hoax

april 77, weekday

In your brain is alway something you think you cannot have it.
But if, like a little wonder, your dream comes true, you think that now all
will be and come perfect. But life is all but not perfect. never perfect.
we think one day all will be like we will have it.
I will have this day. You wake up and there is it all.


Ash Fox said...

incredible blog! i love all of the photos. thank you for your comment! i'm adding you to my roll.

erin said...

these photos are simply amazing.
love the blog.

i'm doing the same thing as the person above me


Bdicte said...

The t-shirt in the first picture was really cool.

A. said...

trés cool.

30 Doradus said...

great blog! linked you as well x x

lilly said...

I am in love with this post...

renatah said...

oh faris.
faris is good.
do you like the new album? i think it's fabulous
if only it didn't sound as if they were listening to joy division and the jesus and mary chain a bit too much.
it's a masterpiece all the same.

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